Maddox not updating usa laws regarding international dating agencies

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Maddox not updating

TMZ has yet another round of updates on the Brangelina divorce/Brad Pitt incident:- They are now reporting that there are inconsistencies to their initial story of Brad & Angelina fighting on the plane and Maddox leaping between them.- TMZ now claims that though something happened on the plane, it is unclear whether or not- Because of these inconsistencies in the story occuring above ground there's no way for authorities to come to a concrete conclusion.- According to TMZ DFCS saw no evidence of injuries on Maddox and no police report was filed after the incident.- TMZ is speculating that Maddox said something to piss off Brad, Brad jumped at him and Angelina stepped in.

After she stepped in Brad came into contact with Maddox somewhere around the shoulder.

- Their sources do say though nothing will come of the FBI investigation, LA's DFCS will talk to parents and children about their living situation.- TMZ sources say there was no history of aggressive behaviour on Brad's part but Angelina felt this instance was a deal breaker.

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Not a lot has been decided on, so things could change any time.

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