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Belvedere, Sidekicks, Sledge Hammer, Starman, Life With Lucy, Ellen Burstyn Show, Heart of the City, Spencer for Hire, Dolly, Buck James, Thirty Something, Hooperman, Slap Maxwell Story, The Charmings, Full House, I Married Dora, Max Headroom, One a Hero, Ohara, Mission Impossible, Roseanne, Wonder Years, China Beach, Knightwatch, Just the Ten of Us, Murphy's Law, Police Story, Life Goes On, Free Spirit, Homeroom, Chicken Soup, Doogie Houser MD, Anything But Love, Young Riders, Primetime Live, Living Dolls, American's Funniest Home Videos, Coach, Married People, Cop Rock, Father Dowling Mysteries, Gabriel's Fire, Going Places, Twin Peaks.

premiered on ABC in 1986 where it had a home through June of 1991.

This "hip" romantic comedy-drama took the sexual chemistry of the two stars about as far as it could, before "jumping the shark" during it's final season when Shephard's character, Maddie Hayes became pregnant.

Then, he quit the force and became a private investigator. premiered in 1987 where it would continue through 1995.The hour long hit ran on ABBC from 1985 through 1989 and starred Cybill Shepherd and made a star out of Bruce Willis.The cast included Allyce Beasley and Curtis Armstrong.was co-produced by Henry Winkler(of "Happy Days") and starred Richard Dean Anderson and Dana Elcar.Mac Gyver was a former Special Forces agent who found a job with the Phoenix Foundation which was dedicated with righting wrongs and helping the good guys win over the bad guys.

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The set was like the inside of a TGIFriday's with objects, pictures, images of the era being examined. Some examples of the times featured: October of 1938, Summer of 1969 and many others. This short lived series, straight from cable, ran on ABC during the spring of 1987 and again in August through October of 1987.

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