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Nebraska laws on dating

The center shall assign an identification number to each notice received.(1) Upon receipt of the information contained in the notice pursuant to section 76-2321, an operator shall advise the excavator of the approximate location of underground facilities in the area of the proposed excavation by marking or identifying the location of the underground facilities with stakes, flags, paint, or any other clearly identifiable marking or reference point and shall indicate if the underground facilities are subject to section 76-2331.Operator shall mean a person who manages or controls the functions of an underground facility but shall not include a person who is an owner or tenant of real property where underground facilities are located if the underground facilities are used exclusively to furnish services or commodities on the real property.Person shall mean an individual, partnership, limited liability company, association, municipality, state, county, political subdivision, utility, joint venture, or corporation and shall include the employer of an individual.The location of the underground facility given by the operator shall be within a strip of land eighteen inches on either side of the marking or identification plus one-half of the width of the underground facility.

In addition to any liability provided in this section an operator of a damaged underground facility shall be entitled to any other remedies available at law or in equity provided by statute or otherwise.An excavator who fails to give notice of an excavation pursuant to section 76-2321 or who fails to comply with section 76-2331 and who damages an underground facility by such excavation shall be strictly liable to the operator of the underground facility for the cost of all repairs to the underground facility.An excavator who gives the notice and who damages an underground facility shall be liable to the operator for the cost of all repairs to the underground facility unless the damage to the underground facility was due to the operator’s failure to comply with section 76-2323.An excavator’s notice to operators shall be ineffective for purposes of this subsection unless given to the center.Notice to the center shall be given at least two full business days, but not more than ten business days, before commencing the excavation, except notice may be given more than ten business days in advance when the excavation is a road construction, widening, repair, or grading project provided for in sections 70-311 to 70-313 and 86-708 to 86-710.

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(1) A person shall not commence any excavation without first giving notice to every operator.

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