Online sexy chat from aunties

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Online sexy chat from aunties

My dream of fucking her big fat ass was fulfilled and I was trying last as long as possible to enjoy that feeling for a long time and at the same time was rubbing her clitoris with my index finger and also pushing two fingers into her pussy.

But how to get in touch with her was the problem as she was new in the colony. I have got some special oil for her and you please go and give it to her on the way to the college. I thought-I would like to have you naked and have your all three holes pleasuring me but I said-No Aunty,its OK. My mother told me that it should be massaged two times daily.I rubbed my cock on her pussy for sometime and then pushed in.She was all wet and I got inside her fully without any problem and started fucking her.Aunty came twice in between and when I was cumming,she said-That’s it baby,fill my pussy with your warm white man juice. I gave some more strokes and collapsed on her body and came hard.Its been a long time since I had a cock this big inside my pussy and also fill it with its juice. I sucked her nipple as I filled her pussy with my juice and she caressed my head and said-That’s it baby,suck my nipples and fill me well with your juice.

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She smiled and said-I know which hole you are talking about and I am eager too but your cock is so big, I am afraid it might tear my asshole. I didn’t ask her to go on her fours as she had pain in her knees and they could never support her huge body.