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Polygamist dating online

“But, he didn’t [want] to hook up with anyone else.”Part of the reason Jenna sought non-exclusivity was because she didn’t want to be forced to ignore her attraction to women.Though today Jenna is monogamously married to a man, she considers her relationship with her husband one of the only ones in which she’s wanted to be completely exclusive.An estimated 4% to 5% of Americans are now consensually venturing outside their primary relationship (and who knows how many others may be interested in non-monogamy but feel uncomfortable pursuing it).So, while the long-held taboo attached to non-monogamy may not have dissolved altogether, hopefully, with more hard work from experts, like Dr.Would you be comfortable with your partner having sex with someone else? These occurrences, formerly the result of clandestine text messaging and Internet infidelity, are now increasingly happening out in the open.Our generation's experience with casual dating and hookup culture is translating into an interest in non-exclusive relationships of many stripes, and modern daters are exploring their options in droves.

Many partners in non-monogamous relationships develop a feeling called “compersion,” or a sense of enjoyment and pleasure when their partner has found someone else they also love or want to be with. Stewart, a psychotherapist and dating coach, conceptualizes compersion as “the opposite of selfishness,” and she’s seen it play out in various non-monogamous clients’ lives.She remembers telling her then-boyfriend when she was 25 that she wanted to hook up with others.“He wanted to be with me..he went along with it,” she says.Even OKCupid began offering members the option to indicate whether they’re looking for a strictly or "slightly" monogamous relationship.Increasingly tolerant as our collective consciousness may be, monogamy is still the social norm — despite the fact that it might not always be evolutionarily practical. I can't say monogamy isn't [ever] natural or feasible, because then we wouldn't see any animals in nature who .

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