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Practicaldatingadvice com

If, however, you are looking for a serious relationship and to potentially get married again, for some guys the fact that you have children will naturally be a deal breaker.

Just like some women want their guy to experience having a first child with these women (if these women don’t have children), some guys would don’t have children, would like to share the experience of having a first child with a woman.

Dating these days can be frustrating and confusing.

With all of the technology, dating apps and hook-up culture, things can get complicated.

Secondly, they are not going to perceive your children as a deal breaker since they are in the same situation.

Some guys even prefer women with children because they assume (and often that assumption is true) that mothers are less needy.Different guys will respond differently when they find out that you have children.Their reaction will depend on what they want and what you want.That’s why I decided to take a step back and talk to someone with a little more wisdom: my 85-year-old grandmother.I am extremely fortunate to have two healthy and loving grandmothers that are still alive today.

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I believe the answer to this question is not very different from the opposite situation – where the guy has children.

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