Richard gutierrez kc concepcion dating

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Richard gutierrez kc concepcion dating

Sanchez-Osio, Yuyinska Krystal (2014) Higher education and Foreign Direct Investment: A study of Mexican states Sarker, Sudipa (2014) Effect of multi-tube injector geometry on flame stability and NOx emission in a high pressure gas turbine combustor Saucedo, Fabricio (2014) Modulation of vestibular evoked reflexes in postural muscles during self-motion experiences in virtual environments Scurlock, Daralyn Marie (2014) Exploring dance teachers' perceptions: Video as a teaching tool Servin, Alia D (2014) Determination of the uptake and effects of Ti O2 nanoparticles in cucumber (Cucumis sativus) Shenberger-Trujillo, Jessica Marie (2014) The effects of religious references on identity salience and social behaviors Shrestha, Sonish (2014) Platform-independent data locality analysis to predict cache performance on abstract hardware platforms Sierra, Ruth M (2014) Effect of rhenium on short term oxidation of niobium based alloys for high temperature applications Simental, Gisela (2014) Phonetic realization of /p, t, k/ in Spanish-English code-switching Singh, Satvir (2014) Idiosyncratic deals to employee outcomes: Mediating role of social exchange relationships and social comparison and moderating role of unit climate Singhvi, Ankita (2014) Three essays on auditor industry specialization Sisneros, Maria Aurelia (2014) Evaluation of ozone trends in southern Dona Ana County, New Mexico thru wind rose analysis and use of HYSPLIT model Smith, Curtis (2014) Acknowledging the homeless who are not mentally ill in the context of medicalized housing assistance Sneed, John Jeremy (2014) Assessing U. high school mathematics students' dependency on calculators for basic arithmetic operations involving integers from single-digit fact families Songur, Hilmi (2014) Essays on authorized shares, stock splits, and top-up options Spraberry Tekell, Chelsea Diane (2014) Multicultural study of psychopathy: An examination of Latin American differences Springsteen, Paul (2014) Finite density QED at strong magnetic field Standart, Douglas Laurence (2014) Mapping technologically and economically important materials at lunar and terrestrial sites using Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3) and Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) data Staudt Dane'el, Mosi (2014) Investigating the efficacy of traffic-light labeling for nutrition label presentation Sun, Byron Jose (2014) Secondhand city: Stolen stories from La Limonada Tabares, Lorena Elizabeth (2014) The Argentine tango as a discursive instrument and agent of social empowerment: Buenos Aires, 1880-1955 Tapia, Raul (2014) Subordinate accountants' perceptions of their superiors' leadership and performance: The study of moderating variables in the accounting profession Terrazas Najera, Cesar Adrian (2014) Characterization of high-purity niobium structures fabricated using the electron beam melting process Thapalia, Anita (2014) Geochemical studies of backfill aggregates, lake sediment cores and the Hueco Bolson Aquifer Thomson, Robert Kevin (2014) Operational Code and al-Ikhwan: An assessment of the evolution of the Muslim Brotherhood's Operational Code and possible Public Diplomacy options for the United States Toman, Petr (2014) Transatlantic maritime transportation between the Czech Republic and the United States Torres Escobedo, Luis Alberto (2014) PERMIT Tool: Development of an Algorithm to Determine Performance Life of HMA Mixes in Texas Torres, Juan Rafael (2014) The problem of using evil against the possible existence of God Trejo, Adrian (2014) An experimental investigation of the cooling channel geometry effects on the internal forced convection of liquid methane Trevino, Karen (2014) The spillover effects of conflict on economic growth along the U.S.-Mexico border Trujillo, Abraham Gerardo (2014) An experimental investigation of liquid methane convection and boiling in rocket engine cooling channels Ullah, Sk. Barkat (2014) Firm growth around the world: Financial constraints, corruption, and privatization Umlauf, Tadeas (2014) Sustainable public transportation in large cities: Demand estimation Vance, Rodney Wayne (2014) Biofuel feedstock optimization considering different land cover scenarios and watershed impacts Varela, Ada Judith Ortega (2014) Optimization of UV-LED curable printing material for applications in direct writing systems: Inkjet, reverse offset, and micro dispensing GPD Vargas, Mirella (2014) Nanometric structure-property relationship in hafnium oxide thin films made by sputter-deposition Vazquez, Daniel (2014) Homeomorphisms between pairs of genus two handlebodies and separating circles in their boundaries Vazquez Enriquez, Emily Celeste (2014) Literatura sobre la frontera norte mexicana: Comparacion y analisis del discurso pragmatico Vazquez, Yahaira Santiago (2014) Identification and characterization of novel antileukemia and anti-lymphoma compounds Vecera, Radim (2014) Model of urban freight transportation in agglomerations Vera, Linda S (2014) Modeling and simulation of a lead-free active structural fiber for multifunctional composites Verma, Ajay Kumar (2014) A robust algorithm for estimating the balance of Autonomic Nervous System with application to mental fatigue detection using photoplethysmographic (PPG) signals Villavicencio, Diana (2014) An econometric approach for modeling population change in Dona Ana County, New Mexico Weller, Jalaine Nicole (2014) Slavocracy's collective Atlantic: Utopian and dystopian discourse in contemporary narratives of slavery Wheeler, Jeffrey Allen (2014) Predicting propylene loss with inferential model development using design of experiments (DOE) and historical data Wijayasinghe, Chalani (2014) Variable Selection for Cox Proportional Hazards Models via Subtle Uprooting Wilcoxon, Elizabeth Marie (2014) A corpus-based study of the use of prepositional verbs in second language emergent academic writing Wilson, Cameron King (2014) Perspectives on the nature of science from a group of students attending predominantly Hispanic West Texas high school Wiseman, Geoffrey Hugh (2014) An avian survey conducted at five water sources within the northern Chihuahuan Desert on Indio Mountains Research Station, Texas Wynne, Craig (2014) Toward a theory of productivity problems in graduate student writing Yang, Shuang (2014) The role of social norms in consumers' evaluations of brands from emerging countries Yatskievych, Michael (2014) North Korean supernotes: Nuclear arms financed by counterfeit currency Yoon, Linda Hyemin (2014) Design optimization of the heat transfer model for a high heat flux test facility Zavala de Guerrero, Jesica B (2014) The effects of cognates on receptive and expressive language among typically developing preschool second language-learners Zhao, Kai (2014) The interfacial fracture of bonded materials and composites Zheng, Jun (2014) E-quality control using 3D reconstruction and 3D measurement Zokaei Ashtiani, Mohammad Ali (2014) Enhanced finite element modeling of the thermo-mechanical responses of jointed PCC pavements under environmental and traffic loads Abdelfattah, Belal M.Borges, Cristobal A (2014) Unspoken prejudice: Racial politics, gendered norms, and the transformation of Puerto Rican identity in the twentieth century Bowen, Joshua Scott (2014) Development of a variable stiffness locally adjustable and repairable low-cost energy storage and return carbon fiber prosthetic foot: A feasibility study Briones, Janette C (2014) An intelligent system for high resolution radar systems Bugarin, Luz Irene (2014) Numerical investigation of impact of relative humidity on droplet accumulation and film cooling on compressor blades Bujanda, Arturo (2014) Impacts of transportation infrastructure proximity and accessibility on real property values Cabrera Maynez, Luisa Alejandra (2014) Design and development of a High Velocity Oxy-Fuel thermal spray gun Cabriales Navarrete, Jose Alonso (2014) Psychographic characteristics and health behaviors in young adults Cameron, Marissa Elizabeth (2014) Modeling tidally driven Coulomb failure at strike-slip linea on Europa Cardenas, Jesus Alvaro (2014) Smart grids: A paradigm shift on energy generation and distribution with the emergence of a new energy management business model Carrasco, Jose Humberto (2014) Reading highly interactive electronic storybooks vs.minimally interactive electronic books: Relative influence on time on task, narrative retell, and parental perceptions Carrick, Tina Louise (2014) Impacting earthquake science and geoscience education: Educational programming to earthquake relocation Carrillo, Juan Rene (2014) The influence of protest songs on the U. public: A Vietnam War perspective Ceniceros, Isaac Aaron (2014) Through the eyes of the dead others Chacon, Jason Michael (2014) The sumoylation of the non-structural protein 1 of the influenza a virus plays a dual role during viral infection Chen, Chu (2014) Political rights and reported accounting numbers: An international study Chowdhury, A S M Raufur Rahim (2014) Gas-solid bed hydrodynamics of non-spherical particles Christmas, Amanda P (2014) Characterization of W-Ti-O thin films for application in photovoltaics Click-Cuellar, Heather Lynn (2014) Mentor preparation: A qualitative study of STEM master teacher professional development Cobb, Joshua Azael (2014) Understanding the contractional history of Surprise Canyon, California through digital field mapping, 3D modeling, and U-Pb zircon geochronology Cobos, Lydia Berenice Garcia (2014) A comparison of water-related perceptions and practices among residents living in colonias in west Texas and south New Mexico, relying on container or well water Cole, Michael Paul (2014) Integrated sustainability decision-making framework Compean, Rosa Alicia Garcia (2014) An assessment of income inequality and administrative corruption in less developed countries: The case of Mexico Conde, Daniel A (2014) Effects of electrical pulse stimulation on in vitro measurement of mitochondrial content and lipid in human myotubes Connolly, Lauren Marie Bostrom (2014) Constructing a participatory citizenship: Rhetoric and agency of the Revolutionary Association of the women of Afghanistan Cruz, Pamela Lizette (2014) A meso-level examination of cross-border governance in the Paso del Norte region: Political and economic perspectives Cruz Quinones, Maria de los Angeles (2014) Relationship between cognitive types of teacher content knowledge and knowing-to act: A mixed methods study of Mexican borderland middle school teachers Dandu, Jagadish (2014) Essays on earnings quality: Evidence from net share issue, put option sales, and hedging Day, Erik M (2014) Structural and geochronologic history of southern Alaskan blueschists De Bons, Duran (2014) Spingolipid metabolism in a reptillian protozoan, Entamoeba invadens Deffenbaugh, Paul Issac (2014) 3D printed electromagnetic transmission and electronic structures fabricated on a single platform using advanced process integration techniques Devos, Elizabeth Marie (2014) An ever closer union: An investigation of accounting measurement and timing in the European Union Dockal, Karen Lee (2014) Las Cruces Dorado, Vanessa (2014) Experimental spray atomization studies of uni-element shear coaxial injector plate geometry for LOX/CH4 combustion and propulsion research Dore, Ryan James (2014) The contributions of Leonard Bernstein and Frederick Fennell to the world of music Dorethy, Todd Wayne (2014) A circuit-based algorithm for two-phase flow at the pore scale in porous media Duarte, Trevor Thomas (2014) Global sphingolipid profile of Giardia lamblia during stage differentiation: The influence of sphingomyelin abundance on cyst viability Du Bose, Cortland Blake (2014) Coaching relationship with walk-on athletes Dziedzorm, Ziwu Felix (2014) Geophysical investigation of hot springs in the vicinity of Shoshone, California Ellis, Robert Joseph (2014) Evaluation of a torch ignition system for propulsion Esparza, Caroline (2014) A pilot study: Examining the microstructural and macrostructural narrative measures in bilingual preschool aged children Espitia Mendoza, Vanessa (2014) The challenges Latino parents of English language learners encounter in their child's schooling: The politics and the praxis Estrada, Eduardo (2014) Situational assessment of multisensor fusion data Ewing, Erin R (2014) Potential influences of compliance for short-term recovery from sports-related concussion Fernandez, Olienka Patricia De La O (2014) Natural selectivity of Nickel and Vanadium in crude oil Figueroa Jiminez, Alma Leticia (2014) Environmental assessment of used motor oil in the Ciudad Juarez-el Paso area Flores, Nadia Arriazola (2014) Nonword repetition performance patterns in English-Spanish bilingual adults and English and Spanish monolingual adults Fonseca, Jorge Anibal Sierra (2014) Gbetagamma-microtubule mediated mechanism of neuronal differentiation Foxen, Matthew Brent (2014) Faulkner's feeble few: The mentally impaired citizens of Yoknapatawpha Frankowski, Scott David (2014) Developing and testing an implicit measure of moral foundation accessibility Gallegos, Yahve (2014) Stable and Unstable Dictators: Examining the Effects of Authoritarian Regime Classifications on Domestic Terrorism, 1972-2008 Galvan, Manuel de Jesus (2014) An experimental investigation on liquid methane heat transfer enhancement through the use of longitudinal fins in cooling channels Gannaway, Cora Evelyn (2014) Depositional and sequence stratigraphic framework of an exposed Neoproterozoic suprasalt minibasin at Patawarta Diapir, Flinders Ranges, South Australia Garcia, Cesar Roman (2014) 3D printed spatially variant anisotropic metamaterials Garcia, Cesar Roman (2014) 3D printed spatially variant anisotropic metamaterials Garcia Contreras, Angel Fernando (2014) Contributions to global optimization using interval methods and speculation Garcia, Geovany Abisai Ramirez (2014) Multi-dimensional emotion recognition from geometry and color information Garcia, Luisa Ileana (2014) A comparison of perceived stress and body mass index in Hispanic and non-Hispanic college students Gholamy, Afshin (2014) Why Ricker wavelets are successful in processing seismic data: Towards a theoretical explanation Gomez Parga, Ana C (2014) Que no te eduque la Rosa de Guadalupe!Jane: A Murder de Maggie Nelson Aguirre-Covarrubias, Sandra (2013) Portraits of success: A mixed-method study of the enrollment, persistence, and success experiences of female graduate engineering students at a Hispanic Serving Institution Aguirre, Katherine Marie (2013) Predictors of resilience among Hispanic adults: Stepwise analyses from late adolescence to adulthood Ahmed, Mahamud (2013) Determinants of condom use and HIV prevention among East African immigrants in Minnesota Alarcon, Jennifer Lorie (2013) The impact of interpersonal communication on breastfeeding Alay G., Gebregiorgis (2013) Seismic reflection exploration of geothermal reservoir at Naval Air Station (NAS) Fallon, Nevada Aldalinsi, Mustafa Abushaala (2013) A method to reduce plastic shrinkage cracking of concrete using re-vibration technique Al-Hanna, Linda Sue (2013) Digital technology: The modern medium for the art classroom Almeida Loya, Sergio Fabian (2013) Integration of memristors with MEMS for dynamic displacement control Al-Zou'bi, Mazin Moh'd (2013) A systematic approach to manage missing data in pavement management systems Amato, Krista Naomi (2013) Comparative characterization of Ni-base superalloys fabricated by laser and electron beam melting technologies Anderson, Katie (2013) Influences of ecological light pollution on advertisement calls of Spea multiplicata (Ambphibia: Aanura: Schaphiopodidae) in rural and urban populations in the northern Chihuahuan Desert and an evaluation of hybrid S. multiplicata calls Appiah Kubi, John (2013) Multiplicity adjustments for respecification searches in structural equation models Archuleta-Truesdale, Joy (2013) Refining molecular approaches for bacterial source tracking (BST) in Texas Austin, Mauricio E (2013) Substance abuse and rehabilitation: Understanding the issue from first-hand accounts Azari, Hoda (2013) Optimization of stress wave-based nondestructive methods in identifying deterioration in concrete structures Bandyopadhyay, Susmita (2013) Interaction of Ce O2 and Zn O nanoparticles towards the symbiotic association of alfalfa (Medicago sativa) and Sinorhizobium meliloti in soil Barman, Sajib Kumar (2013) Scalar polarization operator in a superfluid medium Barrera Carrasco, Susana P (2013) Regulation of the glycine transporter 1 (Gly T1) by PKCalpha-dependent ubiquitination Barrett, Josiah Thomas (2013) Operation New Dawn: Rhetoric or real policy change?

(2016) Educational use of social media: Exploring science and engineering students' perceptions of utilizing Facebook on the learning of physics Marquez, Daniel Abraham (2016) Development of the thermal wire embedding technology for electronic and mechanical applications on FDM-printed parts Marquez, Lorae (2016) Deception detection in dyads Martinez, George Steven (2016) A requirement for Y841 in Jak3 enzymatic activity and hematopoietic cancers Martinez, Valeria Veronica (2016) Reconstructing dinosaur foot tracks and identifying new dinosaur footprints using structure from motion photogrammetry Martinez, Virginia (2016) Am I another statistic?T (2013) Essays on the digital divide Aboargob, Faraj Mohamad (2013) Determinants of neighborhood exposure to extreme heat: A spatial examination of El Paso and Juarez, 2010 Abreu Cornelio, Agustin (2013) Caliban traduce con pluma de cuervo Achury, Susan (2013) Political corruption: Accountability and party system institutionalization Adame Melendez, Juan Carlos (2013) BOD5 and COD data analysis from the Northwest and Robert R.Bustamante Wastewater Treatment Plants, using descriptive statistics and basic statistical process control Adkins, Gary (2013) Utilizing cyber espionage to combat terrorism Aguilar Bonavides, Juan Clemente (2013) Automatic elucidation of GPI molecular structures with grid computing technology Aguilar Zeleny, Sylvia F (2013) Traduccion, el cuerpo y la sombra.(2013) Security games with interval uncertainty Jabeen, Nishad (2013) The antecedents and consequences of trust in authorities for protection against cartel violence and terrorism threat Jahid, Abu MD.(2013) Automatic memory management policies for low power, memory limited, and delay intolerant devices Jastrzembski, Joseph Anthony (2013) Traditionalism, institutions, and rational bargaining in sub-Saharan African civil conflict Jones, Rachell Leanne (2013) The effect of co-witness information and individual differences in cognitive abilities on the suggestibility of pre-school children Karim, Hasanul (2013) Development of 'lick and stick' passive wireless temperature sensor for harsh environment Karkhedkar, Shreyas Ashok (2013) Using emotion as inferred from prosody in language modeling Khatib, Maissa (2013) Arab Muslim women's experiences of living in the United States: A qualitative descriptive study Kim, Young-An (2013) Deprivation and the Hispanic health paradox: Neighborhood effects on children's wheezing outcomes in El Paso, Texas Kongu, Abhilash (2013) Structural, optical and electrical properties of yttrium-doped hafnium oxide nanocrystalline thin films Koppella, Karthik Varma Manikanta (2013) Critical parts retrieval and profit maximization for medical sustainability using design for disassembly and modularity Kurian, Arun Joseph (2013) An ASIC design and test methodology for an undergraduate design and fabrication project Kyger, Nicole (2013) Geology and geochemistry of the Sierra Blanca rare earth complex, Sierra Blanca, Texas La Bianca, Julia Rose (2013) Motivations for a source to resist an interrogation: Consequences to the self versus consequences to an other Lachica, Josue Gilberto (2013) Homelessness and migration at the edge of America: Transnational mobility and survival in the streets of El Paso Laney, Christine Marie (2013) Toward new data and information management solutions for data-intensive ecological research Langston, Stacy M (2013) The threat of domestic bioterrorism: Fact or fiction?

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