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I get in legal trouble once in a while, but I have loads of fun, and my blood pressure is lower now than it used to be.I was glad to get the information from Mai Tai-I had not received any other presents that Christmas, so I did not look a gift horse in the mouth---before I embarked on a wild-goose chase.I would tell you the exact name, but I am not being paid for advertising. The site should be called, as I almost got screwed.The first woman, and I use the term jocularly, was Natasha from Ukraine, a very convivial vixen.I finally grew tired of being cozened, as I am not a masochist, believe it or not-I have always thought, though, that you only hurt the one you love, but I draw the line at physical pain, even if it is only a dotted one-so I joined a club that vowed to eliminate any mountebanks who materialized.The first fox, or should I say, vixen, who I fell for, Daria, was a charlatan of the deepest dye, but Elena, the Russian woman who perates the site, which is a veritable cyber guide for Russophiles, and her very capable staff, intervened.I am not much of a hunter, anyway, so I thanked him.I certainly did not shoot the messenger, if that is what you are thinking; instead, I invited him to Jamaica, where I seduced him to show my gratitude.

I still have hard feelings about Daria---she was a babe---but since I met Lisa, everything has changed---for the better, I am surprised to report.Lisa-her sobriquet; her real name is not printable---from Moscow, had the rare combination of honesty and sincerity, which separated her from 90% of the women who were on the lesser dating systems.Lisa was 20 when I first wrote to her, and although I am approximately 40, she was not too much more mature than I.I never realized how good I had it---before I went online.I visited a web site called, or something similar.

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Add to this the time saved searching for answers and the frankness of the facts and I am now ready to pursue this opportunity at the "end of the world" Thank you for your efforts to make this available.

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