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Mc Kidd understands that everyone knows that Cristina should have been with Meredith on this really hard day, and she was there indeed — even if fans didn’t realize it right away.Sandra Oh actually left the show about a year before Patrick Dempsey’s character was killed off."I imagine it's going to be pretty complicated and emotional for Owen. Cristina's made this decision that they should break up, he's signed off, he's agreed. Kevin said that even though Sandra Oh wasn’t there, everyone saw Meredith standing there with a brunette and holding hands together. That funeral sequence was meant to imply that Cristina was obviously there for Meredith.

I feel very blessed.”“I’m still unearthing [new] things about Owen that deepen the character. You work with these people for so long, they do sort of become like family.Speaking about the new on-screen union, Mc Kidd revealed to Melty: 'Owen went through a lot with Christina.So far, the show has not been officially renewed for season 13, but everyone knows that it is going to happen.Kevin Mc Kidd even shared that he is sure it will be back again.

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Kevin Mc Kidd explained that this was Cristina, even though it wasn’t Sandra Oh. Her presence was felt.” What Kevin Mc Kidd is saying explains a lot to fans about this episode.

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