Sedating an

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Sedating an

Tell your child who will be staying with him, what kinds of things will happen, and how he may feel during and after the test or treatment.

Your nurse can help you explain the test or treatment to your child. Children feel less anxious and scared when they know what to expect.

If your child is having sedation through an IV, ask for cream to numb the area where the needle goes in so it does not hurt your child.

You should ask for the cream as soon as you arrive on the day of your appointment.

Your child may find the test or treatment frightening or uncomfortable.

There is an even smaller chance that your child may need help with his breathing because of the sedation.

This is why we watch your child very closely during and after the sedation.

While your child is sedated, the nurse or doctor will monitor your child’s blood pressure, heartbeat, and breathing often.

The nurse may use several different machines, called monitors, to check on your child.

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Do not give your child any other medicine that may calm, relax, or make him sleepy before coming to the hospital.