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We are standing amid a chain of picnic rugs, snaking from the tents in front all the way around the field and patrolled by aggressive-looking 15-year-olds wearing luminous jackets and whistles.

This is when talking to someone can be very beneficial. Our spats of idyllic lounging are spoiled every 40 minutes or so when those 15-year-olds come barrelling down the line with too much energy and enthusiasm. “Or would we be better coming back early Monday morning? Of course, to get tickets to Centre Court and Court No 1, you have to be there at about 4am, which is why people bring tents. “Of course, go into town for an hour if you need food and the like,” she says, quickly correcting herself. We shuffle along, getting more and more hopeful, until the teenagers tell us to stop. ” I eventually ask a steward, after queuing for about two-and-a-half hours. It all depends.” Wimbledon is one of the only sporting events left in the UK where you can still get premium tickets on the day of play. That is not how we do things here at Wimbledon.” She pushes her glasses up on her nose and looks over them sternly at us, but then gives a playful wink. “Somebody told me it would be like this,” says Niamh’s friend, as she pulls suncream, food, water and magazines out of her backpack while we look on in delighted disbelief. And it’s a beautiful day, so people might want to go home. says, “Excessive consumption of alcohol and/or drunken behaviour will not be tolerated”, but “one bottle of wine per person” is permitted. ” “Well,” she dithers, balancing a pair of sunglasses on the middle of her nose. But then, it might be very busy on Monday morning, and you mightn’t get in. But people will come out at around five o’clock, probably. Since everyone is given queue cards, is it necessary to wait in person? ” asks Sarah, brandishing her queue card at the tall lady we’d encountered earlier.

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