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You have started to prove that you are one and this is a great start.

So lets start to talk dirty to each other and then we will get on with having slow sex first of all.

Cool babe you do that don't be long Mr Meaty wants to see you in it to if you know what I mean babe. While she went inside to get the biniki and to try it on.

I decided that I needed to blow off some steam before she came back and came to the pool.

Then I slowly take her clothes off while slowly looking at her sweet body that I have wanted for ages. She starts to lick and suck really hard and fast on my knob. Let me start one day I am in the bath and you are watching tv.

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Oh shit I say that feels so good do it more do it more. As I say that she then starts to really try her best to do it. Ok babe I will be better than you was you dirty fuck. As I am in the bath soaking wet and feeling horny I start to touch myself with the shower head as I do this I then think if I can get the big boy downstairs to help me wash my back.

As she does it you can then heard a gaging sound like she really is gaging on it more like nearly throwing up. I wonder if he will then get turned on himself and that we will end up fucking in the bath! As I am watching tv I then hear her call me from the bathroom.

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But then don't forget babe I say to her that was only dirty talk so far. The sound of her voice always turns me on and always makes my knob hard. I walk up the stairs and I open the door and I say you called me and she said yes I did big boy in a very kinky voice.