Skidmore college speed dating study

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Skidmore college speed dating study

Molnar was one of the first artists to experiment with computer-generated art, using early programming languages such as Fortran and Basic to plot delicate, square-dominated graphic drawings in the 1970s.Field recordings of natural locations in support of scientific study, including in the Southwest desert and Mid-Atlantic forest, reveal representations of pattern by manipulating speed and scale of observation.

All of your responses will be kept confidential but you will have the opportunity to share your contact information with your dates if you would both like to connect after the event.

) and free flowing soft-serve ice cream make Harvard dining halls seem like the last word in fine dining.

However, after months—and years—of the same dhall food, we find ourselves eating in the Square often and craving home-cooked meals.

You will be compensated for the initial questionnaire and for participating at the event and an additional for each online follow-up questionnaire.

To register for the study, please complete the following scheduling questionnaire: AWFe Lc Zby UGVw Qg2 You can email us at [email protected] you have any questions. Lauren Human in the Psychology Department at Mc Gill University.

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