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Spacedating ru

Cristina Ampatzidou & Ania Molenda look at desk space – the minimum rental unit in post-industrial office spaces and warehouses – as a starting point to tell the stories of these buildings and the co-habitations they house.Vacancy can be considered a plague in Western cities.Usually such a convenient spot would be very expensive, but because it is temporary we have the opportunity to be here at a very affordable price.The Slaakhuis building has actually just recently become a national monument.Speaking of practicalities, of course, the more people in the same studio the more dirty dishes laying around but other than that, it’s all fine! In the old days, this building used to be a school turned into a car garage, turned into a (still transforming) creative studio space.

There are many successful examples of reoccupation, and an equal amount of critique regarding the impact on the social tissue of these so-called ‘creative factories’ and the problem of segregation they create.Originally, it was the headquarters of Rotterdam’s main socialist newspaper, but before we moved in, it was a snooker palace.It seems that the Crisis has made it difficult for the new owners of the building to proceed with their redevelopment plans, so we can probably stay here for some time.Whilst in the waiting line they go through new incarnations; many are given another chance by being repurposed to house creative economies.At first, cheap short-term rental contracts used as security by owners or intermediaries are directed at poor but trustworthy artists.

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Right now there is a big workshop shared by three people and a bunch of individual studios that are not cheap.