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We see the bus parked in New Canal, Salisbury, on 17 April 1984, having come in on a market service.

4 vehicles were acquired by Brutonian in 1982 from Hyndburn as successor to Accrington CTD.

When Taylors sold out to Yorkshire Traction, Wray’s continued to run the service until they too sold to Yorkshire Traction.

Today the main East-West line remains but the present station is a shadow of its former self and practically all the old L&Y Railway splendour has long since gone.(Above-Below) This shot of 76080 of Lower Darwen MPD (24D) was taken at Rochdale railway station in 1959 with a Brownie 127 camera.

The engine had worked an early morning Blackburn to Rochdale and is waiting between turns in the Fish Dock siding on the north side of platform number 1.

I guess the conversion to normal gearbox would have been made at the same time as the rebodying. It seems that Ralph de Bachepuze came over from Bacquepuis (pronounced roughly "back-pwee") in Normandy to settle in north Berkshire, so your attack of franglais was quite in order.

XTF 98D is a Leyland Titan PD3/4 with East Lancs H73F body, new to Haslingden Corporation in September 1966. Southmoor, adjoining Kingston, is fortunate enough to have the half-hourly 66 Swindon-to-Oxford service, but other nearby villages—Appleton, Fifield, Hinton Waldrist, Longworth and so on—have recently lost their bus service altogether and are therefore playing their patriotic part (at least according to George Osborne’s strange logic) in reducing the "drain" on public finances which decent public transport is said to represent.

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The Bury line closed on 5th October 1970, but part of it has since been reopened by the East Lancashire (heritage) Railway and there is a current proposal to re-open it as far as Castleton.