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Tessa virtue and scott moir dating interview

Q: How do you think you have changed as people in those two years? Our buzz word right now is perspective and our perspective of the sport has changed and I think that’s powerful for us, because we feel even more than ever than this is for us, we’re enjoying the sport, we love going into the rink every day, see each other, see Patch, Marie and Romain and the environment that they have created. We’re trying to be a lot more positive about the sport.

It’s kind of fun for us to be I don’t know if I call this role models, but at least able to pass on a little bit of what we learned in our 20 years of skating together to some of these younger and very, very talented athletes like Gabi and Guillaume, the Danish team we skated with, Nick (Nikolaj Sorensen) and Laurence (Fournier-Beaudry). With a little bit time away you really realize the great things about it.

It’s great to see them, it is great to see her engaged and now see her married, Luca has become a father.

We asked Patch (Patrice Lauzon) and Marie (-France Dubreuil) and they tested us for a little bit to see how serious we were. We gave ourselves time, then we sort of touched base and take a few months and let it come together and evaluate again. T: Really, when we were deciding to come back, it was in large part because of Marie and Patch and Romain and the school that they have. It’s nice, at this stage of our career I also feel like there is life outside skating and Montreal gives that to us.

I can’t imagine this comeback without them as our coaching team. So if for some reason they said no when we picked up the phone and called them, I don’t think we would be here today. I think we’re becoming better athletes, well rounded athletes and smarter athletes. T: Oh we’ve absolutely fallen in love with the city, it is hard not to. There is so much this city has to offer, so much art and culture and fashion. Q: How much did you pay attention to what was going on in Ice Dance while you were away?

Just connecting with them and collaborating artistically and technically and sort of trying to put their vision into place and into practice has been a great joy. T: We definitely disconnected a little bit, but then we were sort of able to come back on the other side of things and be involved in the broadcasting press with both CBS and TSN (Candian TV channels).

Q: What was the emotion like when you registered at accreditation, checked your forms, went to practice?

T: On the one hand it’s very familiar to us, we’ve done this many times, and in a lot of ways we come out with a fresh perspective and with a new team and things feel different.

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That offered a unique challenge and enlightening to sort of see things from that perspective, which we loved. We’re going to miss to work with TSN and that crew again being on the ice this time.