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This rice-based dish is a great gluten-free alternative to traditional bread stuffing.

Tossing sliced shallots with cornstarch before frying makes them extra-crispy, making for a delightfully crunchy topping.

The tender, golden cloves give a deep caramelized flavour to the dish, which pairs nicely with the sweet and peppery turnips that are mixed into the mash.

Sweet potato casserole is a must on holiday tables in the United States, but the traditional marshmallow-topped side doesn’t always have the same appeal here in Canada.

Oyster mushrooms are an elegant addition, but you can easily use inexpensive cremini mushrooms if you prefer.

Tender, sweet acorn squash and crisp bacon add extra appeal to Brussels sprouts.

For even cooking, trim the thick bottom end of the sprouts, remove the outer leaves and halve them lengthwise so they’re about the same size as the squash cubes.

Rather than cutting them in standard coins or sticks, we’ve sliced them on the diagonal to add a hint of drama to your holiday spread.

The secret to these crispy roasted potatoes is a dual cooking method—you simmer them first, then finish them off in the oven with goose, duck or beef fat.

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