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Thedatinggamez com

What does a woman like me do, when I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself? In a perfect world, I wish I could meet an attractive, self sufficient, gainfully employed, intelligent, articulate and emotionally mature and stable black man with a HUGE…heart, one that I was mutually attracted to.

What do I do when that’s not necessarily my top priority when it comes to what I want or NEED from a man? That is and will probably forever be my ideal; it’s what I dream about at night, it’s what I wish upon stars for.

Choose your line, and get ready to react when your opponent responds.

So if you meet a man who can handle this, stash him in your arsenal. I need to know it’s a sure fire, knock it out the park pipeman that I can feel totally comfortable with.

So if my hand is going to be forced like this, I might as well try to play smart.

I realized that the men that I come across now are less and less interested in the idea of courting as we traditionally know it, hell “dating” in general.

Prove myself as a loyal, good woman who waits on her man to grow up and get it together, trying to be the “ride or die chick”.

Now I speak to those same riders who are married to their “prize” man and listen intently to the messages hidden in between their lines…

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