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Theology of the body dating

Northrop speaks with ease and authority on all aspects of theology of the body, especially what it has to say to those currently living the single life.

Contact: Theology of the Body International Alliance () Christopher West Nine years ago, Christopher West helped launch the theology of the body movement in the United States, attracting widespread attention to the teachings through his popular talks on the Catholic understanding of human sexuality.

All events are held onsite at Ruah Wood’s conference center on Cincinnati’s west side.

Contact: Life Institute Dedicated to helping men and women see their bodies and the world with Catholic eyes, the Tabor Life Institute sponsors talks, retreats and multi-media programming that introduce people to the Catholic worldview.

The mystery of the human person, as created by God, is manifested in a particularly powerful way through the covenant of holy matrimony.

Although Ashour, who co-founded the Texas-based ) Bill Donaghy Well before he began speaking on the theology of the body, Bill Donaghy worked as an evangelist and missionary in and through the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Contact: Tabor Life Institute () Damon Owens A trained natural family planning teacher since 1993, Damon Owens is the founder of Joy Filled Marriage NJ, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support for married and engaged couples.

As a speaker, Owens draws heavily from his own experience as a husband and father, and is particularly adept at connecting the Church’s teachings on natural family planning to the theology of the body, then applying those teachings to dating and marriage.

Contact: Catholic Answers () Father Roger Landry As a newly ordained priest, Father Roger Landry told Pope John Paul II that he wanted to dedicate his priesthood to spreading the pope’s teachings on the theology of the body.

And, for more than a decade, as a pastor, writer and speaker, he’s done just that.

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They also offer training courses that enable attendees to lead theology of the body programs in their community.

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