True confessions of an internet dating addict

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There was no doubt that sometimes the medium overtook the messages.

He would tweet something solely so it would be retweeted. The means to connect would become an ends; the feedback mechanism, the game mechanic, would flatten real connections into numbers.

It also takes time to reply to some of the emails, making comments and suggestions. I find that when I enter into a news group, I can find a long thread of discussion involving many people, over a period of weeks and sometimes even years. It lasted for 2 days and I went for another binge for another 5 days. She became alarmed when she called my office and found that I had not been to work for 8 days. That’s when my wife called in Pastor Thomas, a pastoral counsellor. In my younger days, I have been active in the Youth Fellowship.

Of course, I must join in the discussion and add my two cents’ worth. But I have not been to church for the last few years and I noticed that he was still as youthful as before. Instead he said that we are to break this addiction together and he will walk with me together.

Soon, looking became winking, winking became hot-listing, hot-listing became e-mailing, and e-mailing became seeing other people. Unlike me, she stopped checking her profile soon after we met.

There was something wrong with Madrigal relative to the people right before him, who had been addicted to more profitable mainstream media. After almost a year of searching and scouring every Website in Los Angeles for the perfect match, I had — I thought — finally found her: the One for Me. What's the harm in doing a little casual "people watching," right? And who doesn't wonder every now and then if maybe they could do a little better than their current mate? On the Internet, I had an actual catalog of available women, listed with their quirks, characteristics, and measurements. That meant two full minutes until she came out — two full minutes for me to grab my computer, check my online dating profile, and — inevitably, guiltily — slam my laptop shut just as she snuggled up next to me on the sofa. Just days earlier I had been ready, even eager, to take my profile down for good.If he was addicted to Twitter and the Internet, he said, it was to these people that he was addicted. At that time the Internet was difficult to use and involved learning of computer languages and terms such as FTP-file transfer protocol and gopher.

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This was true despite Madrigal's eschewing that hardest Internet drug, Facebook.

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  1. “So we decided on an event-based app, as that’s the way people socialise in the country.” In 2006, when the Reeves sisters decided to give online dating a go – secretly, because the notion of finding love with a stranger via the internet had only recently started to lose its stigma – they failed to find a dating site aimed at young, country-minded singles.