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Posted by / 23-Mar-2015 09:45

Updating live update

If curious here are some general tools out there that help backup your live site, run local installs and copy sites to testing environments.

MAMP, Desktop Server, VVV, or Wamp Server to run local installs of Word Press.

And a great host that has easy to use staging options.

We won’t go over setting that up, but those are a few tools that let you run a local install.

The simplest setup is to create another Word Press install somewhere on your server/hosting and restore a backup of your live site to it.

As mentioned there are plugins like Backup Buddy, Back WPup, and Duplicator that can help copy a site.

it’s definitely best to use version control for your projects, and can even make your deployments to staging and production easier.

Let’s say you’re skipping your local environment as you just need to test an update, or you are ready to move from local to your staging site.

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You can always test these backups by restoring them to your local or staging environments to make sure they are working as well.