Updating old brick house exteriors

Posted by / 06-Jun-2016 03:25

Updating old brick house exteriors

We had a crazy nice stretch of weather in Seattle last week, which means I decided to improve upon our new front door by doing an exterior update by painting our brick and window frames (note that it was cloudy again by the time I took this photo).If you live in Seattle you know: you must use the good weather when it comes your way, no matter any other plans you may have (and if you follow me on Instagram, you know we tore out our basement bathroom two weekends ago but that project was halted with the arrival of the sunshine).

Find out everything you need to know to improve your home’s exterior, no matter your budget, whilst also adding value to your property.Neatly trim hedges, cut down excessive shrubbery overgrowth, form an attractive stone pathway -- curvy or straight -- and line the path with flowers.Repaint the front door an inviting red or modish black.Now that we’ve painted the brick and window trim, I am also thinking of painting the upside down “V” area above the planter box as well – thoughts on that?And I need to paint the downspouts to blend into the siding and maybe balance out the cream somehow on the right side of the house. Even though the outside is far from done, we are pretty happy this drab old house is just a bit brighter.

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The beige, gray or red bricks peeking from behind the bright-white patio will add backdrop contrast, making the slat-wood-roof veranda the star.

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