Validating national curriculum indicators

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They suggest an approach that combines the virtues of a clearly defined set of validation criteria and the structure of an argument-based approach.

These have been chronicled by Dougherty (1995) and Black (1998).

QCA Research Team email: [email protected] Paper presented at the British Educational Research Association Annual Conference, University of Sussex at Brighton, September 2 - 5 1999 BERA-99: Session 1A: Symposium on coherence, validity and consistency: issues for the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) Thursday 2nd September p.m. Room: EDB 302 Abstract This paper reviews the validity of national curriculum assessment in England.

It complements the BERA paper by Mick Quinlan and Alex Scharaschkin on ‘ National Curriculum Testing: Problems and Practicalities’.

Between them they meet Crooks’ requirements of a valid assessment system.

The concern is that the emphasis on the use of test results for accountability purposes may diminish the role of Teacher Assessment to a point at which the full programmes of study are not being adequately assessed.

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The eight stages are likened to eight links of a chain, with weakness of any one link weakening the chain as a whole.

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