Vanna white pat sajak dating

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Vanna white pat sajak dating

VANNA WHITE, CO-HOST, "WHEEL OF FORTUNE": Thank you. Was that contract thing, where you said: I'm just real tired of turning the letters?

I'm talking about Vanna White, the lovely former letter-turner, now letter-toucher.

I was green -- green -- which means I had no experience, none at all. SAJAK: You've had -- you know, it's been a wonderful run.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP, "WHEEL OF FORTUNE") SAJAK: And welcome to "Wheel of Fortune." A big day for us around here, because we told you we would find our new hostess.

So, diplomatically, I call and I say: "So I hear -- so who you thinking about? So I was kind of leaning toward her for that reason. She's beautiful." I said, "I know that." He said, "She'll be fine." And that's my confession.


SAJAK: All right, turn around so we can see this is your real -- this is your hair.

SAJAK: Wow, boy, when you forgive someone, you really... But all the interviews, all the -- everything that we do, I learned from watching you. But in all lives, in all careers, there have been some ups and downs, and some things that are not so pleasant to talk about. OK, now that I have bared my soul and confessed this, this was by way of telling you that you need to start getting ready to bare yours.

And thanks to you, you have made me what I am today. I mean, who would have thought we would still be here in the year 2000 talking about the show?

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WHITE: I think I did terrible, because I was so nervous.

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