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Virtual radioactive dating lab

For instance, if you choose Carbon-14 as your isotope, you will need 2 different colors (like red will be Carbon-14 and blue is Nitrogen-14).If you choose to make all bags Carbon-14 bags, then you will need enough red and blue beads for all four bags.

You actually do not have to put a fossil in the bags at all, but it seems to be more fun for the students if they get to "dig" and find the fossil before dating it.

Radioactive dating requires the use of a decay curve.

Introduction: Scientists use radioactive dating to determine the time in years ago that an event happened.

When preparing the bag, you can decide, based on your student population, whether or not you want to keep the math portion simple by keeping percents even on the half-life scale (like 50% red beads, 50% blue beads or 75% blue beads and 25% red beads) or make them portions of half lives (like 60% red to 40% blue).

You can make the bags have a couple of each types if you wish.

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Alternatively, you may add random colors of beads to symbolize other isotopes that aren't used to date fossils, but are still found in rocks. Would your answer have changed if a different isotope was used?