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According to the , Leo's rep put out a statement Tuesday saying that the actor's been single "for some time." Typical.Sources confirmed to People magazine on Saturday that the two are back together after work, work, working their maybe-relationship for publicity since Drake was more "Degrassi" than Champagne Papi.“They’re not exclusive yet but they’re a lot more serious than they were,” a source told the magazine."Hailey was a fling, but Drake has always wanted to make things work with Rihanna," an insider told People.Things get more serious when they're in the same place." Someone else Rihanna clearly needs to fire also told E!

began in the 1850's when balloons with cameras attached were sent aloft.

It supports everything found in XHTML 1.0 Strict, but also permits the use of a number of elements and attributes that are judged presentational, in order to ease the transition from HTML 3.2 and earlier. ISO 8859, more formally ISO/IEC 8859, is a joint ISO and IEC standard for 8-bit character encodings for use by computers.

The standard is divided into numbered, separately published parts, such as ISO/IEC 8859-1, ISO/IEC 8859-2, etc., each of which may be informally referred to as a standard in itself.

DMI offers aerial imagery in different rendered formats and resolution sizes.

The LCD display is easy to read in full daylight and gives the operator a direct readout of installation torque at all times.

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Before capturing aerial imagery, our experienced pilots forecast the weather for ideal conditions, also with the help of our crew members we make sure factors like camera settings, altitude, sun-angle, and camera exposure stations are all adjusted to the correct settings.