Who is fatima bhutto dating

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Who is fatima bhutto dating

Either way you can be put to death, stoned, flogged or jailed.Where I live, most of the women in prison are there on Hudood cases.”Earlier this year, in a televised debate, Bhutto openly criticised Imran Khan’s stance on women and his failure, among other things, to support an amendment to the Hudood Ordinance. She loves walking in London in the middle of the afternoon, jogging in the park, eating in restaurants or lingering in a Daunt bookshop.Outrageous as it may seem, these are all forbidden luxuries for the 31-year-old author and journalist when she’s at home in Karachi.26 year-old Fatima Bhutto, the niece of assassinated Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, is said to be the object of Clooney’s affections, and he’s also said to be uncharacteristically serious about her, especially considering how smart and independent she is: Although [Clooney] has been able to keep the relationship under wraps, in private he is gushing to pals about the raven-haired Fatima, say insiders.“He’s still out there with his usual assortment of Hollywood eye-candy hanging from his arm,” a source told The Enquirer.

Here’s a link to an interview with Fatima Bhutto (link leads to video) talking about Pakistan’s political climate after her aunt’s assassination.

Means Bilawal is not Bhutto being a Maternal 1996 Fatima Bhutto’s Father was assassinated right outside his family house by Police, yes Police shot down him but the real catch of this incident is that, the then PM was Banazir the mother of Bilawal and real sister of Murtaza Bhutto and wife of prime suspect none other then Asif Ali Zardari as both allegedly locked horn on property and party power shares.

Later Banazir was also murdered like 11 years and again Zardari was under suspicion surprisingly this time he took charge of PPP Pakistan Peoples Party founded by Fatima Grand Father Zufiqar Ali Bhutto.

It’s a country of the voiceless, especially when it comes to the poor, to minorities and to women.

South Asia needs more Malalas.”The 16-year-old Swat Valley girl’s recently published autobiography, I Am Malala, Bhutto says, is now in every bookstore in Pakistan and people are eager to read it. The government puts it at 45 per cent of the population “able to sign your name”, but Bhutto insists it’s much lower.

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Zardari who took charge of Party and claimed that party in now being inherited to his son Bilawal Zardari though hand written letter of Late Banazir ( things only happened in sub continent ).

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