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Stepping stones of childhoodhurdles that we crossdraws a family closerthe ties that cross our hearts. Said he wouldn't be going back to school for another week. He was sent home a couple days ago with a tiny orange pumpkin sticky note that said, "Extradiodinary day! As if the little guy didn't have enough on his plate, you too for that matter. Hi there Juju and and my Sunny Sunshine...dropping in to visit you! Hey Ma (deeeeep voice), I killed an 11pt with a 21 inch spread-come down so I can show you.

This plant has been introduced in Madagascar and grows as an invasive species in the western part of the island. x3Every time we go shopping Zoey passes people in the isleswomen, she LOVES womendoesn't matter shape, size ...I teased him unmericifully because he was concentrating so hard. I followed him to Dallas tonight so Elijah could have one more time with her & she could have one more kiss & I love you, Granny Jean from him. We were back home for a relatively uneventful week. My mind once again failed me when I needed it worst as I viewed the ensuing hot mess of melted pools of butter gave me cause to check the gallon of now hot milk, warm cheese & curdling ranch dressing that would soon be following the downward path of the garbage disposal. Elijah spent his three out of school days with with Nana & Papa down south. I take it he's adjusting better to the new school, that's good. One of us had left the door ajar this morning @ am in a hurried rush to get out the door.

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