Who is ramona singer dating

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Who is ramona singer dating

But is one of those possibilities a new relationship — is Ramona Singer single?In the show's seventh season, audiences saw Ramona handle a lot of firsts without her husband, as well as grieve for the loss of her marriage in her own distinct Ramona way.Now that she's had some time to adjust, Ramona is ready to enjoy her new life to the fullest; she is single and absolutely ready to mingle.Originally, with help from her single party girl best friend Sonja Morgan, Ramona has been hitting the dating scene and hitting it hard.“If on the first date, if he doesn’t help me with my coat, then I don’t want to be with him,” the reality star told back in April, adding, “I like a man who is attentive from the very beginning.

Ramona’s going to want to run them all over with a truck.” Ramona, 58, who will finalize her divorce soon, recently released a tell-all on her life, including Mario’s affair, called “Life On the Ramona Coaster,” and admits her ex nearly destroyed her.

And Season 8 is ready to dive in to all of Ramona's dating trials and tribulations.

It looks like most of the tribulations might be coming from Ramona's relationships with the other ladies, however.

“It’s nicer because the person setting us up knows me and them.” But Ramona still has some reservations when it comes to dating and would prefer that men don’t know she’s been on television.

“I don’t want them to have any kind of pre-judged opinion of me,” she says.

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“If anyone thought there was a chance at reconciliation, no.