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Mary Matzo wanted her daughter to become a journalist, but when Scott said she would become either a stage actress or a nun, her mother relented.In 1939, with her father's help, the 17-year-old Scott moved to New York City, where she stayed at the Ferguson Residence for Women.

Impressed by Scott's Sadie Thompson, he hired her as the understudy for Tallulah Bankhead, despite Bankhead's protests.In addition to stage and radio, she appeared on television from the late 1940s to early 1970s.Scott characterized her father as a "lifelong Republican", which influenced her own capitalistic views.After understudying the role of Sabina in the original Broadway and Boston stage productions of The Skin of Our Teeth, she emerged in such films as The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946), Dead Reckoning (1947), Desert Fury (1947) and Too Late for Tears (1949).Of her 22 films, she was the leading lady in all but one.

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But winning the NCAA Championship in college was probably the most memorable because it was the first time I won a championship and there is something unique about playing in college. I grew up in Indiana so it’s pretty close and sometimes we would come in. Whatever you are passionate about you are going to find.

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