Windows 2016 dns reverse lookup zone not updating

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Windows 2016 dns reverse lookup zone not updating

For information about any of the IP addressing concepts discussed in the following sections, see "Introduction to TCP/IP" in this book.To determine where to place your reverse lookup zones, first gather a list of all the subnets in your network, and then examine the class (A, B, or C) and type (class-based or subnetted) of each subnet.3) If the issue is that your reverse zones are mismatched between domain controllers (meaning a host was able to register with one of the DCs, but the registration did not get replicated to the others) it could mean the zones themselves aren't replicating between domain controllers.Make sure the reverse zone is AD-Integrated and also check the Zone Transfers tab and make sure they are allowed (generally Only to servers listed on the Name Servers tab).To check, right-click your DHCP scope and go to properties.On the DNS tab enable DNS dynamic updates and set to "Always dynamically update..." Also enable Dynamic Update for clients that do not request updates.At this point the DNS server contains no information and is only able to look up remotely configured names and addresses.

The reverse lookup zone exists, and I can add entries to it manually, but it doesn't automatically populate.

For the purposes of providing the reader enough knowledge to get this task completed, this article takes a walkthrough approach.

A DNS server has been installed but not yet configured at the beginning of this article and we’ll create the forward and reverse lookup zones using the built-in wizard.

I'm not sure if it would say whether or not a client failed to register or not, but may show you other issues with DNS if they exist. I believe you have a permissions error, I had a similar issue and although the how to was directed at Windows Server 2012.

The DHCP server in this case is NOT a windows server. The only thing I had to do after this was, flush the dns entries on the clients with: ipconfig /flushdns After this they have poped up in my reverse lookup zone. The fix of adding the DHCP server to DNSupdateproxy group solved my issues.

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Also, PTR resource records are commonly used by some applications to verify the identities of clients.

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